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Web Design & Management

Great design makes the complex seem simple.
On our sites you'll find strong visual messages, clear navigation and imagery that meet your goals and give your audience what they want. We are experts in design and user interface. More than that, we love it!

App Development

Sometimes you need a little more.
Interactive forms, secure membership areas, reporting tools and content management systems are just a few examples of applications that turn a website or app into a tool that helps to grow your business.

Mobile Solutions

A big difference on a small screen.
In today’s competitive market, if you’re not mobile you're not going to make it! It’s critical that you're website reaches your market wherever they are.

Supplement your EMR

e-forms and products that supplement and work with your electronic medical record.

Save Time and Money

Reduce employee hours by automating many of your current administrative tasks.

HIPAA Compliant

Serious about security? Our servers meet or exceed all protocols required by HIPAA.

Unlimited Support

We're here for you. Unlimited phone support.

Offline App

Collect and manage forms anywhere. Anytime. Even when your offline.

Access from Anywhere

All products are developed using responsive HTML5 for maximum compatibility.

Featured Products


EMS Lounge, Coordinator, CEU Conference, Lunch, Logo, Logo, Logo. Sound familiar?
EMSConnect is about recognizing every hospital is doing the same thing, and then running in the opposite direction! It's about building relationships, on-going communication & real-time convenience.

Hospitals using the EMSConnect app have demonstrated an increase of new business to the ER/ED of up to 20%, in less than a year!

  • Push Notifications & Alerts
  • Real-Time Directions, Traffic, Weather
  • QuickDial 2 Taps to Call Any ED/ER
  • Instantly Reference ACLS/Clinical Protocols
  • Patient Follow-Up
  • Custom Features Available!

Truly  Paperless

Ready to go digital? We offer a variety of services that will eliminate paper forms and streamline your operations.

  • HHCCN/ABN/Patient Consents/MSP/DC OASIS/MSW/MCR/Non-coverage.
  • Capture Patient Signatures on your tablet, smartphone or touchscreen laptop
  • Easy PDF for EMR Upload, Saving or Printing
  • Impress Auditors
  • Pre-designed or Customized Forms
  • Fully Searchable Admin Panel
  • CMS Compliant!


Tired of constantly outdated phone number lists with handwritten corrections posted at every desk and department?  How many hours are dedicated to publishing and distributing contact updates for every office and staff changes? 

  • Easily search by Name, Department or Specialty
  • 1-Tap to Dial any phone number
  • Quickly check the call schedules
  • Update contacts in real-time with the Admin Panel
  • Find Department Information & Contacts
  • Instantly view real-time user analytics & behaviors